Summer 2012 MBA Course

B8713-001: Introduction to Venturing

M - Full Term, 05:00PM to 09:15PM

Location: URI 331

Previous Terms Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall

Instructor: Bob Dorf

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This course provides an overview of the entrepreneurial process. The focus is on identifying and evaluating ideas and learning the steps and competencies required to launch a successful new venture. Students are challenged to consider the appropriateness of an entrepreneurial career for themselves. Specific topics include characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, techniques for finding and screening ideas, entrepreneurial finance, the politics of new ventures, valuation and deal making, writing a business plan, buying a business, family business dynamics, and managing crisis and failure.<br>

Bob Dorf

Part Time Lecturer

Bob Dorf is likely the second most knowledgeable Customer Development expert on the planet, second only to his co-author, Steve Blank, who developed the methodology after retiring from his eighth startup, E.piphant. In March, 2012, along with Steve Blank, Bob published The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company, two years in nearly-fulltime research and development. The 608-page, painstakingly detailed...

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