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Technology Management

Summer 2012 MBA Course

B8827-001: Technology Management

R - Full Term, 09:00AM to 01:15PM
Location: WJW 416

Instructor: Art Langer

An examination of how technology is a critical component of strategy for business organizations.  The course focuses on the structuring and planning of technology projects and investments, the analysis of determining monetary and non-monetary returns as well as the impact of technology on the productivity of the entire organization.  The course addresses the importance of integrating technology in business units, the role of the information technology department, and the positioning of technology for strategic advantage.

The course is broken down into four segments: lecture, assignments, in-class exercises, and case studies.  Lectures will include in-class work and be designed to promote class participation and discussion.  Assignments are designed to assist students to read material, critically reflect on information, and to test their mastery of the material.  In-class case studies require students to work in groups and develop strategic plans for their assigned organizations.