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Boosting Creativity

Summer 2012 MBA Course

B9920-008: Boosting Creativity

T - B Term, 02:45PM to 07:00PM
Location: URI 333

Instructor: Anne Laure Sellier

In the current competitive environment, successful contemporary business rests upon the ability to see problems (a.k.a., opportunities) clearly and to develop solutions unseen and unimagined by competition. To do so requires creativity, the ability to come up with novel and useful ideas. Considerable recent research in experimental psychology suggests that creativity can be developed
and refined. This creative boost comes at the cost of effort and practice. The goal of this course is to provide a variety of experiences and activities with the specific focus of fostering each student’s own creative abilities. As part of the course, we will also gain an appreciation of how to successfully introduce creative ideas to the environment, since it is one thing to get a creative insight, and
another to convince others of its market value (e.g., how to convince co-marketers, as well as
customers / consumers).