Fall 2013 MBA Course

B5502-004: Strategy Formulation

EMBA Saturday Core

Instructor: Ernesto Reuben

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Considers the roles and responsibilities of the general manager, with special emphasis on the strategic management of the business unit. Provides a set of concepts and frameworks for formulating and implementing business strategy. For multibusiness firms, problems of corporate organization and strategy are discussed. Issues of corporate governance and social responsibility are also considered. Students grapple (using cases and projects) with diverse managerial situations: large and small organizations, manufacturing and service industries, growing and mature firms and U.S. and international settings.


Ernesto Reuben

Assistant ProfessorErnesto Reuben is an Assistant Professor at the Columbia Business School. His research interests lie within behavioral and public economics. Broadly speaking, he investigates the role played by social norms and particular psychological traits on activities that are economically relevant for public policy and business strategy. One of his main interests is studying the microfoundations of prosocial and antisocial behavior. In particular, how intrinsic or...

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