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Mental Models, Investment Frameworks

Fall 2013 MBA Course

B8382-001: Mental Models, Investment Frameworks

T - Full Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM
Location: Off-Campus (Please see description)

Instructor: Ethan Binder; Jeffrey Cino

Please note that this course was open to Value Investing applicants only, and is not biddable. The roster has been set, and the course is now closed.

This course will help students learn the process of performing investment case studies.  Investors use case studies to build a library of mental models and real-world analogies to facilitate pattern recognition in order to make superior investment decisions, refine search filters, identify key investment factors, assess how investments are likely to play out, develop and monetize their circle of competence, and to understand the life cycle of investments and where we stand today in that cycle.  This class is complementary to the Value Investing Program.


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