Fall 2013 MBA Course

B8385-001: VC/Angel Deals: gut-driven tech investing!

T - Full Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM

Location: URI 330

Instructor: David Haber; Edward Zimmerman

Prerequisite(s): B8306

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Over the past 60 years venture capital has become an important participant and catalyst for the entrepreneurial community through providing risk capital and advice to management teams striving to create and grow new businesses.  This course focuses on the role of venture capital and venture capitalist in selecting, funding, and developing emerging growth companies.  Students should expect to complete the course with a basic understanding of the processes employed by those making the risk-reward determinations to fund new and growing companies. The class should be worthwhile for students interested in venture capital, investing in growth companies, working with early stage and growth companies, and entrepreneurship.

Coursework is organized around the activities and challenges faced by venture capitalists in the U.S. and internationally, evaluating new ventures and growth company investment opportunities, reviewing business plans, conducting due diligence, determining valuations, negotiating with management teams, constructing term sheets, working alongside management teams to enhance their businesses, and implementing exit strategies.  Course material includes case studies and business plans, with classes featuring a combination of lectures, guests, and student interactions.


David Haber

Adjunct Associate ProfessorDavid B. Haber is a member of the Tech Group and the M&A and Corporate Finance Practice Group. Mr. Haber has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and venture capital transactions, with an emphasis on buying and selling venture-backed companies. During his career, he has played a significant role in over $10 billion worth of transactions, with a concentration on transactions in the technology and...

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