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Mergers & Acquisitions in Media (Master Class)

Fall 2013 MBA Course

B8498-099: Mergers & Acquisitions in Media (Master Class)

W - Full Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM
Location: URI 331

Instructor: Jonathan Knee

The course is an advanced Mergers & Acquisitions Seminar that focuses on current trends and recent developments in the media industry. The course will be divided into two parts. Each week during Part I will be devoted to the analysis of a different recent media transaction. The pedagogic framework is not structurally different from traditional M&A analysis. The overlay of mediaspecific commercial, strategic and regulatory issues will provide additional insight into a particularly dynamic segment of the economy. Each week will focus on a different transaction type (e.g., cash divesture, cash acquisition, stock merger etc.) different media industry sub-sector (e.g., cable, newspapers, broadcasting etc.) and different aspects of the analytical framework (e.g., financial analysis, corporate governance etc.) Part II will be devoted to group board presentations of hypothetical transactions.
Groups must be formed and have their hypothetical transaction approved by the instructor by week 4 of the course. Course grades will be primarily based on the quality of written materials and presentations by the group. Each group member will receive the same grade on their project. 20% of the course grade will be on based on individual weekly homework assignments. Outside speakers/board members with first-hand knowledge of the industries and transactions considered will participate during both Part I
and Part II of the course.


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