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Global Strategic Management

Fall 2013 MBA Course

B8532-001: Global Strategic Management

Block Week 8/26-8/29 - 09:00AM to 03:00PM
Location: WJW 209

Instructor: David Ross

This course provides an introduction to strategy formulation and implementation in an international context. Students will learn and apply the analytical tools used to answer questions of the following kind:
•    Does our firm’s competitive advantage translate globally or to specific foreign markets?
•    If so, how should our firm enter those markets and in what order?
•    How can we value strategic investment opportunities in global and foreign markets where the assumptions underlying standard valuation methodologies do not hold?
•    How uniform should our organizational activities be across our global operations in different cultural and institutional environments?
•    To what extent can we use our global operations to create economies of scale, learn as an organization, and arbitrage differences in factor prices (e.g., wages) and regulatory institutions (e.g., labor laws)?
•    How do competitive dynamics like “cutthroat” competition and collusion work on a global, multimarket level?
•    What (surprising!) pitfalls await the unwary in global markets and how can we avoid them?
•    How can developing world firms compete against developed world firms and vice versa?
While this course builds on the core Strategy Formulation B6071, a difference is that this course also places heavy emphasis on implementation. Another difference is that we will focus more than in the core course on competing in developing world markets from the standpoint of both local firms and large multinationals. Most cases will involve more than one country, sometimes many at once.
Learning is primarily through discussion of cases and articles with supporting short lectures and written assignments.