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The Cable Value Chain

Fall 2013 MBA Course

B8636-001: The Cable Value Chain

T - B Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM
Location: URI 330

Instructor: Arne Rees

This course will examine / explore the television businesses and television-based media brands from both the sports and entertainment perspective, focusing on industry dynamics, marketplace factors and what it takes to manage major television-based businesses in today’s media landscape. Using current industry information, case studies and guest lecturers of industry-prominence, the course will expose students to all sides of the television business from brand to distribution; talent management to rights management.

Students will be required to prepare cases, and complete a final project – developing a five year strategic plan for a specific network, which has been assigned to them at the beginning of the course. The course objectives are i) to introduce students to the key revenue driver of today’s media industry: cable TV and ii) to equip students with an understanding of the structure, drivers, challenges and development dynamics of the cable TV industry.


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