Fall 2013 MBA Course

B8723-001: Global Immersion: Leadership Expedition to Patagonia with NOLS

W - Full Term, 04:00PM to 07:00PM

Location: URI 140

Instructor: Michael Morris

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The Patagonia Leadership Expedition is a 10-day field-based training that teaches leadership and technical outdoor skills in one of the world's most amazing classrooms. The hallmarks of a NOLS Patagonia course are exploration, remoteness and tough weather.  Students are coaches through the course in a way that minimizes stress while focusing on peak performance.  They will learn both technical wilderness skills, as well as interpersonal skills that will allow them to function effectively as a group in the powerful and dynamic situations Patagonia provides. Pre-trip sessions will use cases and simulations to introduce frameworks for leading teams and the industry context of global ecotourism.  This course will develop leadership through experiential learning (Kolb Learning Cycle - think, do, reflect).  Curriculum delivery will concentrate on situational leadership skills applicable to school, business, social lives as well as expeditionary settings.  Class meetings will take place on September 4, November 20 and December 4 from 4-7pm and January 31 from 2-5pm.  The in-country immersion for this class will take place from December 12th through 21st; and therefore students must be in-country by December 11th.  The cost of this program is $2450, which covers program costs from the 12th through the 21st, but does not include international airfare, lodging for the night of the 11th, or the gear required to camp during the program.  Please note that this course is physically demanding; students will hike and camp for nine evenings, sleep out on the mountain and prepare their own meals.  Attendance, both in New York and in-country and regular participation, is a crucial part of the learning experience and, as such, is mandatory.  Students who miss the first class meeting may be removed from the course, and will not have their program fee refunded to them.  No program fee refunds will be given after the add/drop period has closed.


Michael Morris

Chavkin-Chang Professor of LeadershipProfessor Morris is highly regarded for his research on social judgment, the study of how people make sense of events observed in their environment (both internal and external to their work settings). One of his main emphases is on the effects of cross-cultural differences on social judgment. He teaches in the areas of negotiation, team dynamics and leadership.

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