Spring 2013 MBA Course

B8299-021: Media & Entertainment Strategy: Analysis, Innovation & Implementation

M - Full Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM

Location: URI 332

Instructor: Ava Seave

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This course is concerned with the economics of strategic behavior as applied to the Media and Entertainment Industries.  The concepts and theories introduced in this project-driven class will be then applied in a practical way to case studies and to real companies and their specific real-time projects.  The ultimate goal of this class is to have a hands-on experience in creating new, innovative strategies -- and the tactics that flow from them -- for your project sponsor. Coursework will be evenly distributed between lectures, cases, and deep dives into specific media and entertainment verticals.  The textbook for this class is: Curse of the Mogul: What’s Wrong with the World’s Leading Media Companies (Knee, Greenwald, Seave; Penguin 2009.) There will be additional articles assigned for each class.

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Ava Seave

Adjunct ProfessorProfessor Seave is a Principal of Quantum Media, a leading New York City based consulting firm focused on marketing and strategic planning for media and entertainment companies. As a Quantum Media principal, she has led numerous consulting engagements and has provided senior-level management consulting services to many companies in a broad range of assignments. Before founding Quantum Media with four others in 1998, she was a...

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