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Entrepreneurial Selling

Spring 2013 MBA Course

B8699-005: Entrepreneurial Selling

M - B Term, 09:00AM to 12:15PM
Location: WJW 207

Instructor: Eric Baron

This course teaches participants state-of-the-art selling skills that can be used with prospective clients, venture capitalists, potential partners, investors and candidates for employment. The course will introduce the consultative selling model and the skills that make it work. Students will learn skills in four specific areas: interpersonal skills, communication skills, presentation skills, and problem solving skills.

The course is highly interactive and skill based and uses videotaped role-playing exercises to enhance skill acquisition. Subjects include relationship building, analyzing the client’s situation, making effective sales presentations, resolving objections, gaining commitment and precall planning. Skills developed are applicable worldwide, and both cultural similarities and differences with respect to the sales process are discussed throughout the course. Whether you need start-up capital, senior management to back your ideas, or customers to hire your firm or buy its products, selling skills are crucial. You will develop them in Entrepreneurial Selling. This course is particularly relevant for students interested becoming entrepreneurs and for those seeking careers in consulting and financial services.

Teaching methodology will consist of mini-lecture, group discussions, skill drillls written exercises, practive exercises and role-play simulations.  Each student will have the opportunity to practice the concepts and skills that are introduced in practice exercises that represent typical selling situations that entrepreneurs and their employees encounter on a regular basis.  Guest speakers from different industries will participate in most of the classes.