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Data Science and Technology Entrepreneurship

Spring 2013 MBA Course

B8848-001: Data Science and Technology Entrepreneurship

W - Full Term, 04:10PM to 06:00PM
Location: On-Campus (Please see description)

Instructor: Sameer Maskey

This course will pair up MBA students from Columbia Business School with Master’s/PhD students from Computer Science department to form teams of two (or more) who will be guided through an entrepreneurial experience of building a technology startup. The course will be very hands on! The course will also have a team of 12 Industry Advisors/Mentors (CEOs, CTOs and VC Partners of various firms) who will engage with students to help them convert their idea into a sustainable technology business.

Data Science is an emerging interdisciplinary field across statistics, computer science and business. The course will not only focus on theoretical aspects of data sciences but also on applying them in building products and improving business processes. Student teams (composed of CS/Engineering and Business students) will use data driven methods to test feasibility of the idea/innovation, build the product, develop customers, study sales channels and try to raise capital during the span of 4 months. Industry mentors will critique the student teams and their ideas through various stages of the startup implementation addressing such questions related to feasibility, market attractiveness, customer acquisition, metrics, launch strategy and more. The students will be able to interact with CEOs for business mentorship, CTOs for technical mentorship and VC firm partners for advice on the capital raising process.

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