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Marketing Plans Workshop

Summer 2013 MBA Course

B8699-009: Marketing Plans Workshop

R - Full Term, 02:45PM to 07:00PM
Location: WJW 207

Instructor: Donald Sexton

In the Fall 2012 Marketing Plans Workshop course, students will develop Marketing Plans (strategies and tactics) for established brands and new products or services that are comprehensive, costed out, and executable.  The goal will be to develop “break-through” Marketing Plans that to maximize awareness, distribution, and trial and repeat purchase (hence revenue). Because the course is very real world, replicating the work and thought processes engaged in by marketing executives, marketing consultants, and advertisers, and because students can pick brands and industries that are meaningful to them, students have found the course extremely helpful as preparation for:

  • Marketing related summer internships
  • Interviewing for full time jobs
  • Gaining a competitive advantage once they start to work

The course, which has been given at business schools internationally and at Columbia since 2003, is taught by Michelle Greenwald (a Marketing veteran at large multinationals for nearly 20 years, and a small business entrepreneur). A fun and interesting range of top level marketing industry experts will be guest lecturers. Students will have several opportunities to present their work to the entire class and will learn from each other about a wide range of products and services.

Past presenters have included:

  • The Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Agency
  • The CEO of an entertainment “Product Placement” firm
  • The CEO of a Viral Marketing agency
  • The CEO of a Public Relations & Integrated Marketing firm
  • Directors of Social Media Marketing for well-known entertainment companies
  • Senior level digital marketing executives from the most highly regarded digital marketing firms
  • Senior level brand marketing executives from fortune 500 companies- The CEO of a major marketing analytics firm

The course project/Marketing Plan will include:

  • Analyzing competitors’ marketing strategies 
  • Conducting marketing research among the target audience to maximize the impactfulness of the marketing message and position the brand for long-term success
  • Determining a realistic budget, consistent with profit goals/requirements
  • Developing a memorable and meaningful tagline or integrated marketing message
  • Developing and costing out a full year of marketing tactics (from advertising, to intermediary incentives, to digital programs, to price optimization)
  • Identifying metrics to monitor success and enable quick corrective action