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Leadership Through Fiction

Summer 2013 MBA Course

B8799-032: Leadership Through Fiction

W - Full Term, 05:00PM to 09:15PM
Location: URI 333

Instructor: Bruce Craven

Course Introduction Video:

Bruce Craven, Leadership Through Fiction, Summer 2012

This course will use fictional narratives (novels, plays, screenplays, poetry), supported by non-fictional texts, to evaluate a variety of challenges that face developing business leaders. The course will build the leadership resources of each student by offering them the opportunity to live through the experiences of literary, stage and screen characters, reflecting on how the characters successfully or unsuccessfully guide and motivate themselves and others toward desired goals. How are decisions made, how is the context evaluated, how is risk managed, how are internal values clarified, how are others motivated to follow, how -- when successful -- are the desired ends achieved...and when not achieved, what could have been done to reach the desired goals?

This course is founded in the belief that the imaginative experience of interacting with narrative offers students a powerful and unique opportunity to prepare for future experiences, engaging in a visceral way with conflict that will prepare them for better decision-making and professional choices.