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Entrepreneurial Finance

Fall 2014 MBA Course

B8345-001: Entrepreneurial Finance

Block Week 8/25 - 8/29 - 08:00AM to 06:00PM
Location: URI 142


This section of course B8345-001, Entrepreneurial Finance, will be filmed for possible use in enhancing student learning experience at Columbia. Cameras, sound equipment, lights and other film production gear will be in use by a documentary instruction crew. Their focus will be on your instructors, not on you. However, there may be occasion when the camera sees you in the background. If you would like to be seated away from the cameras' view, please let your instructors know in the morning on the first day of class. Thank you in advance.

This course focuses on the financing decisions of entrepreneurs. The first part of the course emphasizes identifying and valuing entrepreneurial business opportunities. The second part addresses how and from whom entrepreneurs raise funds and how financial contracts are structured to manage risk and align incentives. The third part addresses ways in which entrepreneurs “harvest” success and value. 

Teaching notes emphasize principals and tools, and class cases cover firms in many industries and countries. The course is valuable for prospective entrepreneurs and investors, growth company managers, corporate finance specialists and consultants.