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Managerial Negotiations

Fall 2014 MBA Course

B8510-003: Managerial Negotiations

M - Full Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM
Location: WJW 416
Previous Terms Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Instructor: Seth Freeman

There are two purposes for this course: to develop your ability to negotiate in a purposeful, principled and effective way; and to teach you how to manage complex conflicts and deals, and lead groups to wise agreements. The course relies heavily on simulated negotiations in and out of class. We'll also use lectures, case studies, exercises, games, videos, and demonstrations. As we advance in the course, our focus will shift from simple one-on-one negotiations to more complex ones involving many parties, agents, coalitions, and organizations. The cases and simulations we'll use along the way will cover a wide range of business situations, including a troubled software partnership, a business acquisition, a key partnership decision and a group-on-group re-negotiation of an international aircraft engine deal. We'll also do a joint simulation with Columbia Law School students Friday, October 31 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. A few simulations this semester will involve out-of-class negotiation or team preparation work. Since there is really no way to make up the experiences we create in class, and since your participation will help your classmates learn, attendance is required for each session. The overriding goal of the course is to equip you with skills you can use personally and professionally for a lifetime.