Spring 2014 MBA Course

B6300-001: Corporate Finance

MW - Full Term, 09:00AM to 10:30AM

Location: WJW 209

Instructor: Enrichetta Ravina

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This is the core course in finance, required of all students in the MBA Program. It may be considered the first course in corporate perspective. It focuses on the primary tasks of the corporate treasurer, showing students how to use ratio analysis to assess corporate performance and project financial statements and cash needs for both projects and whole companies. It devotes substantial time to the question of how much debt is optimal in a firm's capital structure. It then introduces discounted cash flow and shows how to estimate a weighted average cost of capital to use as a discount rate appropriate to a particular company or project. By the end of the course, students have all the tools necessary to value a company by projecting its free cash flow and discounting it at an appropriate rate.


Enrichetta Ravina

Assistant ProfessorProfessor Ravina's research interests include Behavioral Finance, Consumption and Credit Markets, Private Wealth Management, and Corporate Finance. Her current research examines the portfolios and financial decisions of high net worth U.S. households and their interactions with their wealth managers. Her prior work has examined investors' preferences and decision making; the consumption, borrowing decisions, credit card usage, and stock market investments of U.S. households...

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