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Marketing: Innovation through Customer Centricity, Part II

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B6602-004: Marketing: Innovation through Customer Centricity, Part II

TR - A Term, 04:00PM to 05:30PM
Location: WJW 208

Instructor: Olivier Toubia

Required for all students, unless waived by passing an exemption examination. The format of the examination is a series of questions based on the content of the course. The course content is described in the syllabus for the course, which can be found on the MBA course syllabi page of the Marketing Division Web site. Students should not attempt the exemption examination unless they are thoroughly versed in the course content.

This course focuses on how to make effective and integrated marketing implementation decisions via the marketing mix. It follows directly from, and is tightly integrated with, B6601. Through a combination of lectures, cases, hands-on exercises, a brand management simulation and industry speakers, the course covers such topics as demand analysis, product/service management, pricing, distribution, promotions and integrated communications.

This is a half-term course.


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