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Media and Entertainment: Strategy Consulting Projects

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8213-001: Media and Entertainment: Strategy Consulting Projects

M - A Term, 12:30PM to 03:45PM
Location: URI 306

Instructor: Ava Seave

Prerequisite for Spring 2014: One media course and/or one strategy course and/or professional experience at a media company

In “Media & Entertainment: Strategy Consulting Projects,” the concepts and theories introduced in the Foundations course will be applied in a practical way to problems brought to the class as projects from real companies and their managers. 

The ultimate goal of this class is for students to have team experience in helping media companies recognize and solve strategic problems. 

Among the techniques the students will work on

•    Industry mapping
•    SCP: Structure/Conduct/Performance analysis
•    Market sizing 
•    How to defining the goals of a project
•    Defining and understanding scope
•    Value propositions and Value curves
•    Mapping Business Systems

The six- week course will introduce techniques to perform strategy consulting for media companies and teach students how to apply these techniques to real projects from real companies. In the seventh week, the teams will present their findings to the sponsoring companies.

To master these skills, each week students will be given templates to help with particular concepts and will apply these concepts in several ways:
•    to case histories of well-known companies and industries
•    to a newly written case about an evolving media SaaS company
•    to the company project they have been assigned to


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