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Global Economic Environment II: Business Cycles and Financial Markets

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8250-003: Global Economic Environment II: Business Cycles and Financial Markets

TR - A Term, 02:15PM to 03:45PM
Location: WJW 311

Instructor: Andreas Mueller

Macroeconomics is in the news every day. Anyone who has paid attention to the news knows that the recent fall in the US housing market has caused dramatic perturbations to financial markets all around the world. This in turn has triggered very strong responses by governments in the US (in particular the Federal Reserve and the Treasury), as well as in other countries. This meltdown in financial markets and the interventions from policy makers raise a number of key questions about the health and the future of the economy in the US and abroad, which we will address in the Global Economic Environment II course.

This course is a sequel to the core course Global Economic Environment. Building on the fundamentals introduced in that course, we develop a conceptual framework to explain business cycle fluctuations and their implications for financial markets. In particular, we examine macroeconomic forecasting, determinants and implications of budget deficits, the conduct and implementation of monetary policy, and the determinants of inflation in the U.S. and other market economies around the world. Special attention is given to the interactions between macroeconomic forces and financial markets.

Since an important goal of this course is for students to become informed and sophisticated consumers of economic news, the issues discussed in this course draw heavily from current events and real-world examples.

GEE II is a co-requisite for the course "Financial Markets And The Economy: Global Economic Environment III" (B8251).