Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8337-001: Global Real Estate Investment

M - B Term, 04:30PM to 07:45PM

Location: WJW 207

Instructor: Camille Douglas

Prerequisite(s): B8306 B8331

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This half-term course, open to 1st year and 2nd year students, will introduce students to the fundamentals of global real estate investment from an institutional perspective through an exploration of specific strategies for structuring global real estate portfolios. It will also provide students with an analytical framework and the tools to analyze and value cross-border real estate investments in developed and emerging markets. Given current market conditions, attention will also be paid to asset management strategies.


This course will be case-based, but will also rely heavily on faculty and guests lectures. Classes will typically include:

  • Top-down macroeconomic analysis of target geographies
  • Exploration of a specific global real estate investment strategy
  • Bottom-up risk-adjusted return analysis of real estate investments


The course will culminate in the preparation and presentation of an investment memorandum on a specific global real estate investment opportunity.


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Camille Douglas

Adjunct Associate ProfessorProfessor Douglas is a senior executive in the real estate industry with over 30 years experience developing and executing real estate financial strategy, including acquisitions, dispositions, recapitalizations, debt and equity financings, partnerships and restructuring, both domestic and global. The origination of the first rated commercial mortgage backed bond earned her a reputation for creative financing. Her work has included major project and corporate real estate restructuring...

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