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Real Estate Mergers & Acquisitions and Restructuring Deals Workshop

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8339-001: Real Estate Mergers & Acquisitions and Restructuring Deals Workshop

M - A Term, 04:30PM to 07:45PM
Location: WJW 207

High-stakes real estate M&A and restructuring transactions require consummate deal-making skills and a thorough understanding of the underlying business, legal, financial and strategic frameworks.  This Workshop will explore the relevant skill-sets and underlying frameworks through a combination of class discussions and hands-on   exercises. 
The REIT and commercial real estate worlds are in the midst of a massive wave of restructurings and recapitalizations, following a period of extraordinary liquidity and large numbers of highly levered REIT M&A and commercial real estate transactions.  These waves of transactional activity provide an ideal backdrop for learning the strategy and tactics involved in sophisticated dealmaking,  as well as the underlying legal and business building blocks.
The class will take a multi-disciplinary approach, based on the premise that an effective transactional lawyer must understand the business and financial goals and implications of the deal and, similarly, that an effective business or finance expert must have a solid grasp of the legal and structural underpinnings for the transaction.


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