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Project Finance

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8362-001: Project Finance

F - A Term, 12:45PM to 04:00PM
Location: WJW 208

Instructor: Robert Dewing

The course will teach the fundamentals of Project Finance.

The course will address the rationale for this type of financing and examine project risk analysis, risk mitigation strategies, financing options, and legal/regulatory/industry frameworks. The course will address cash-flow modeling concepts for Project Finance but will not engage in the mechanics of modeling techniques.

The course will be offered each Friday during the A-term. The first session will take place on Feb. 1 and will be a day-long class.

Sessions will discuss aspects of Project Finance or specific perspectives of Project Finance of respective stakeholder interests – such as sponsors, consultants, a government, or an NGO. These presentations will be supplemented by approximately 3 cases (HBS and others) documenting real projects and relevant issues.

Evaluation will be 40% from class participation, 20% from case presentation and 40% from a final take-home paper.


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