Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8373-002: Applied Value Investing

T - Full Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM

Location: URI 305

Instructor: David Horn

Corequisite(s): B8306

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This course combines the methods and teachings of security analysis with practical buy-side methodologies to identify and research attractive value investments. Idea selection methodologies vary materially depending on scope of investment parameters, industry and subsector, investment philosophy and market conditions; several of these approaches will be discussed and practiced. Both long and short methodologies will be covered during the semester.

This course will leverage your theoretical learning in security analysis plus require you to develop business acumen and industry expertise. A combination of fundamental analysis and assessment of intrinsic value will be balanced with thematic thinking and business judgment. The course should arm you with the tools to identify attractive value investments through a variety of methodologies for several alternative fund strategies. Throughout the semester, students will prepare a full investment memorandum on a given single stock security that will be sourced using one of the identified methodologies, and ultimately presented to the class and outside fund managers.

The class will be kept small to take advantage of the instructional method. Class discussions will be complemented by guest discussions from highly regarded investment professionals from the long only and hedge fund community.


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David Horn

Adjunct Associate FacultyDavid Horn is the Managing Partner of Kiron Advisors LLC which serves as the Investment Advisor for Kiron Partners L.P. Prior to founding the firm in 2006, Mr. Horn served as a research analyst at Perennial Partners, a long/short value oriented fund, from 2004-2005. At Perennial, he was a generalist, covering long and short investments of varying sizes across a range of industry groups...

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