Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8390-001: Hedge Fund Investment & Selection

W - Full Term, 05:45PM to 09:00PM

Location: URI 333

Instructor: Fabio Savoldelli

Prerequisite(s): B8306

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This class uses a combination of instructor lectures, class discussions and guest lectures to teach students the methodologies of hedge fund analysis from the perspective of investors considering investing into hedge funds. The course will have a particular focus on the limitations and pitfalls of applying traditional security analysis to investments into hedge funds, and the drivers of success in hedge funds. The course will focus on the evaluation of managers involved in Directional Investing, Event Driven Strategies, Arbitrage and Relative Value Strategies. Exposure to basis risk and hedging strategies will also be reviewed. Course participants will be exposed to some Wall Street best practices for performing hedge fund due diligence, with extensive guest lectures from active investors in the field.

Who should take this course:
Hedge funds are moving from the fringes of investments to the core. Anyone who is heading into an asset management related activity will find themselves interacting with hedge funds, either as investors or potential hedge fund managers.


Career Track: 

Fabio Savoldelli

Adjunct ProfessorFabio Savoldelli most recently served as Chief Investment Officer for Optima Fund Management. He is also a Contributing Editor on Bloomberg Television, commenting on developments from a hedge fund perspective. Previously, Mr. Savoldelli was Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Alternative Strategies. At Merrill Lynch, Mr. Savoldelli chaired the Investment and Asset Committee and oversaw investments into hedge funds and managed...

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