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Entrepreneurial Law for Start-Ups: Planning for Success

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8561-001: Entrepreneurial Law for Start-Ups: Planning for Success

T - B Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM
Location: WJW 208

Instructor: David Haber

Thinking about founding the next
great start-up?  Do you have the
knowledge and experience to avoid making a mess of the core legal matters?  Great! 
No need for this class!  However,
if you’re looking to develop an understanding of the legal issues involved in starting
an entrepreneurial venture with a focus on areas often overlooked or
misunderstood by first-time founders, this course is for you!  A subtitle for the course could also be “how
to protect your earliest assets and avoid paying your lawyer a large sum to
clean-up a mess”. The course is taught by a professor with over 15 years legal
experience focused on early-stage technology companies (in Silicon Valley and
New York) and who has taught venture capital and angel finance at Columbia
Business School since 2006.

During the course, we will
explore key areas including: legal structure and choice of entity, including
tax implications thereof; corporate maintenance, governance and fiduciary
duties; capitalization and dilution; capital raising and the related securities
laws and regulations (including the impact of the recently enacted JOBS Act);
founder relationship issues including responsibility allocation and stockholder
agreements; employee and consultant engagement; equity compensation and related
valuation and tax issues; intellectual property protection and prosecution; licensing
agreements and indemnification obligations. 


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