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Media Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8615-001: Media Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Half-Block Week: Jan 21-Jan 23 - 10:30AM to 07:00PM
Location: WJW 209

Instructor: Sharad Devarajan

How do entertainment properties such as Spider-Man generate billions in worldwide product sales? What made Pokemon a worldwide phenomenon? Is Angry Birds the new Mickey Mouse? What is the future of traditional television versus digital video? Can traditional publishing still create another Harry Potter? What are the marketing strategies used to promote independent films versus big-summer blockbusters? What are ‘transmedia’ and ‘transcreation’ and how are the forces of globalization and technology disrupting the entertainment eco-system?

Each week a different area of media will be examined from television, film, games, character entertainment and publishing. The course is intended to offer students:

  • i. Exposure to various marketing strategies used in media
  • ii. An entrepreneurial approach to the media industry as a producer or manager of a content creation company
  • iii. Insight into two of the biggest disruptive trends taking place in media today – technology and globalization
  • iv. Insights and learning from preeminent guest speakers from the media industry
  • *The January 23rd session of class will begin at 1:45pm and end at 6:15pm*


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