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Business Marketing & Innovation: Start-up Strategies for Large Companies

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8638-001: Business Marketing & Innovation: Start-up Strategies for Large Companies

T - A Term, 02:15PM to 05:30PM
Location: URI 330

Instructor: Stephen Liguori

The vast majority of current marketing efforts are focused on the excitement around consumer markets and technology. The world is obsessed with gadgets and apps and marketers are gleefully racing to join in. Yet, by most estimates the “B2B” or “Business to Business” portion of the economy represents over 50% of Global GDP. Many don’t realize that behind the scenes large, complex industrial & technology companies are investing billions to upgrade products, services & technologies. The need for agility, speed and innovation has never been more urgent and companies like GE are attempting to re-learn entrepreneurial start-up principles in a highly complex global, digital and connected world.

Students in this course will focus on applying start-up and entrepreneurial skills to emerging areas that promise huge impact to both companies and the customers and communities they serve. Two prominent growth areas: the Industrial Internet and Advanced Manufacturing will be explored in this course. Both of these in essence involve the combination of new digital applications like big data and predictive analytics with complex networks and machines in enterprises such as transportation, hospitals & power grids. Potential benefits are enormous. In the energy grid alone, saving 1% annually on fuel consumption over 15 years is worth $60+ Billion. Additionally, gains from less fuel waste, improved healthcare and more reliable transportation benefit both businesses and the communities they serve.

Teams will meet with experienced business executives and thought leaders who are in search of new digitally enabled industrial products while applying start-up & agile processes in complex organizations, such as GE. Students interested in Business, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Sales or Manufacturing careers are welcome to apply.

The course is taught by adjunct professor Stephen Liguori, Executive Director of Global Innovation & New Models at GE.

Prerequisite: B6601 "Marketing: Innovation through Customer
Centricity, Part I".