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Advertising & Branding

Spring 2014 MBA Course

B8660-001: Advertising & Branding

M - B Term, 10:45AM to 02:00PM
Location: WJW 310

Instructor: Matthias Birk; Gita Johar

The number of choices that consumers have has exploded over the last decade. More than ever, brands must engage with potential consumers. How do you get through to your audience and move them from the point of awareness to the point of engagement and purchase? This is the main question that this course addresses. We will expose you to cutting edge marketing tools, methods and cases as well as most recent trends in advertising and branding such as targeted, viral and interactive ways of advertising and engage you in evaluating advertisements and campaigns. You will learn different approaches to innovative thinking about advertising and branding and will get a chance to practice these skills in various exercises that will form part of the larger Advertising Plan that you will develop for a client.

You will leave this class with a strong understanding of

  • The principles of influence and persuasion: Learn the basics of psychological research on persuasion and attitude formation and understand principles of communicating a persuasive message.
  • Message “stickiness” and contagion: Understand what makes some messages survive, and “stick around” longer than others and why.
  • Positioning the brand and defining communication objectives: Learn how to use data to understand market segments and select target markets, tasks and themes for your communication.
  • Creativity & creativity evaluation techniques: Learn about ways to systematically use creativity templates and evaluate the creativity of campaigns.
  • Viral and other forms of non-traditional forms of advertising: Using concrete case examples, learn principles of viral and other non-traditional forms of advertising and learn about the role of these in media allocation.
  • The use of storytelling in advertising: Gain awareness of what makes for a good (and bad) story, and how to use stories in creating infectious campaigns and differentiating a brand.

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