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Financial Planning & Analysis

Summer 2014 MBA Course

B8007-001: Financial Planning & Analysis

MW - B Term, 09:00AM to 11:00AM
Location: WJW 207
Previous Terms Offered: Spring, Summer

Instructor: Julian Yeo

This course introduces students to modern tools and techniques designed to generate performance measures used for decision-making, management, and control purposes. Accounting information is used for a variety of managerial decisions such as product pricing, profitability analysis (e.g., activity-based costing for customer lifetime value). This course further illustrates how performance measures are integrated into incentive systems so as to align the objectives of (division) managers with those of the shareholders. Key building blocks of such incentive systems are cost allocations, transfer pricing, and compensation schemes. At a time where performance measurement is one of the fastest-growth areas for consulting firms, this course illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of commonly-used performance metrics, e.g., Economic Value Added (EVA), Balanced Scorecard. It serves as an important background for a variety of electives in management and accounting as well as for consulting-related courses.