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Mobile Marketing

Summer 2014 MBA Course

B8641-001: Mobile Marketing

M - B Term, 05:00PM to 09:15PM
Location: URI 333

Instructor: W. Edmund Busby

Mobile Marketing will explore the highly dynamic mobile marketplace. The course is designed to help marketers understand the underlying mobile technology, become aware of the evolving options available, evaluate which are relevant to their marketing objectives and create compelling campaigns that take advantage of the power of mobile.

The course will emphasize both theory and real life applications with much of the course material derived from real life "digital boot camp" materials used to train leading industry executives. We will leverage a combination of current industry information, guest lectures, and in-class exercises. The course will cover a wide range of key topics including: mobile display advertising, mobile payments & commerce, and location based marketing.

Prerequisite: B6601 "Marketing: Innovation through Customer Centricity, Part I".


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