Fall 2012 PHD Course

B9712-001: (PhD) PROSEMINAR

R - Full Term, 09:00AM to 12:15PM

Location: URI 327

Instructor: Ernesto Reuben

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The proseminar is designed to introduce first-year PhD students to faculty research on organizational behavior and organizations and to provide a forum for students to ask faculty how to navigate the various stages of the research process.  Faculty members in the division will present one of their own papers and hold a ‘behind the scenes’ discussion of the production process.  These stages include finding a research problem, operationalizing the questions posed, research design, data collection, and writing a journal article or dissertation proposal.


Ernesto Reuben

Assistant ProfessorErnesto Reuben is an Assistant Professor at the Columbia Business School. His research interests lie within behavioral and public economics. Broadly speaking, he investigates the role played by social norms and particular psychological traits on activities that are economically relevant for public policy and business strategy. One of his main interests is studying the microfoundations of prosocial and antisocial behavior. In particular, how intrinsic or...

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