Fall 2013 PHD Course

B9011-001: (PhD) Empirical Research in Accounting

F - Full Term, 03:00PM to 06:00PM

Location: URI 327

Instructor: Dan Amiram; Suresh Nallareddy

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The seminar is organized around a set of required readings. The readings are selected to give a balanced coverage of both the development of the major areas of empirical research in financial accounting, and the principal current controversies in those areas.


Dan Amiram

Assistant ProfessorProfessor Amiram's research focuses primarily on the effects of accounting information and accounting related regulation on the financial system and equity and debt investors both in the U.S. and around the world. Professor Amiram's research provides evidence that accounting information plays a significant role in investors' decision-making processes and shapes the design of contracts and the financial system. Professor Amiram's research interests include international...

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Suresh Nallareddy

Assistant ProfessorSuresh's research interests are in accounting information and asset prices, analyst forecasts, and empirical asset pricing. One of his papers titled, "Out of Sample Performance of Long-run Risk Models" is forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics. In his current research, Suresh suggests that aggregate earnings expectation revisions can explain the post-earnings announcement drift. In another paper, he examines the relation between earnings dispersion and...

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