Fall 2013 PHD Course

B9305-001: (PhD) Finance Pre-Thesis Seminar

W - Full Term, 12:30PM to 03:45PM

Location: 363 Grace Dodge

Instructor: Gur Huberman

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The goal of the course  is  to  prepare  students  to  conduct  independent  research in finance.
Eight times in the semester, each student proposes an interesting & important research question. The student will articulate why the question is important, interesting and original. In particular, the student will lay out the pertinent facts and theory and will sketch implications of progress on the research question. The student will also estimate what it would take to address the question and why it has not been done.



Gur Huberman

Robert G. Kirby Professor of Behavioral FinanceGur Huberman is the Robert G. Kirby Professor of Behavioral Finance at Columbia Business School where he has taught since 1989. Prior to that he taught at Tel Aviv University and at the University of Chicago. Between 1993 and 1995 he was Vice President at JP Morgan Investment Management responsible for research on quantitative equity trading. In that capacity he also helped develop tax aware strategies for the...

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