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(PhD) Revenue Management

Spring 2013 PHD Course

B9801-007-007: (PhD) Revenue Management

M - Full Term, 02:40PM to 05:10PM
Location: BTBARTBA

Instructor: Guillermo GAllego; Robert Phillips

Co-taught with Professor Guillermo Gallego.

Mondays, 2:40-5:10 PM, in 834 Mudd Hall.

Ph.D.-level seminar covering current topics in Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing. The goal of the course is to provide students with the background and tools required to perform research on open-problems in this rapidly growing field. We will start by providing an overview of business issues including a taxonomy and basic models of allocation of constrained capacity under uncertainty, overbooking, market segmentation, price elasticity estimation, price optimization across a network and dynamic pricing. We will provide a list of current research topics from which the students can select a class project. Each student will be expected to read and present key results of a recent paper from a bibliography provided. Speakers from industry and academia will present current topics and business applications. The course will end with student presentations of class projects.