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(PHD) Computing For Business Research

Spring 2013 PHD Course

B9835-001: (PHD) Computing For Business Research

M - Full Term, 04:10PM to 06:55PM
Location: URI 301

Instructor: Mark Broadie


Course Description:  This course is designed to teach doctoral

students essential elements of computer programming and numerical

analysis that will useful in carrying out their research work.

Business research often involves


(i) the implementation of numerical algorithms (e.g., regression,

simulation, optimization, solution of nonlinear equations, etc.)


(ii) the gathering, organizing, and analysis of data


(iii) the generation and presentation of results in the form of

tables and graphs


This course will prepare students to be able to efficiently carry out

these tasks.  No prior programming experience is necessary to take

this course.  Students from all divisions are welcome.


Course work: The work for the course will involve weekly assignments,

a short midterm examination, and a final project.  For the final

project, students are encouraged to pick work on a project that will

be related to their area of research.