Spring 2014 PHD Course

B9316-001: (PHD)Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance

T - Full Term, 05:00PM to 08:00PM

Location: URI 327

Instructor: Moshe Cohen

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This course has the objective of introducing doctoral students to academic research in corporate finance. The emphasis is on theoretical research, with special emphasis on models using the tools and techniques in the economics of information and game theory. The first part of the course studies the firm’s choice of its capital structure and dividend policy in settings characterized by moral hazard or asymmetric information. The second part of the course discusses various other topics related to recent research in corporate finance.



Moshe Cohen

Assistant ProfessorProfessor Cohen's research interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization, Law and Economics, Structural Econometric methods and the intersections of these fields. In recent work on corporate governance, he examines the design of corporate governance laws and their varying incidence on differentially structured firms. In recent industrial organization work on airline markets, he examines the supply and demand effects of hubs and...

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