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(PhD) Mathematical Models in Marketing

Spring 2014 PHD Course

B9613-001: (PhD) Mathematical Models in Marketing

R - Full Term, 10:45AM to 02:00PM
Location: URI 328

Instructor: Rajeev Kohli

Overview The purpose of the course is to provide students an introduction to mathematical models in marketing. The course covers a mix of standard topics (e.g., preference models, segmentation, marketing mix) and more recent topics (e.g., social media, web search, advertising auctions). Students can expect to gain an understanding of how mathematical methods are used to study marketing problems, and develop the skills to evaluate and undertake research using mathematical methods. Broadly speaking, some marketing problems use statistical/econometric methods; others use optimization/computer-science methods; and still others use economics/ game-theory methods. We will examine research using each of these methods, al- though there will be greater emphasis on the latter two types of problems. The course uses a combination of lectures, guest speakers and in-class discussions of papers. Students will work on individual assignments, and on original research by themselves or with a partner. A paper and presentation describing the research will be due at the end of the course. It is not necessary that the entire paper be finished before the end of the semester. However, the mathematical model must be developed to a point where it is possible to evaluate the quality of the research. Students should read and understand the relevant papers and book chapters before class. I will be available to answer questions during the week. Please feel free to stop by my office, call me or send me email. It may also be useful for you to pair up with another person in class with whom you can discuss the readings.