Bridging Theory & Practice

Pricing is one of the most powerful but least understood disciplines within many organizations. The center encourages interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and information exchange among faculty members, students, and industry professionals who use and supply analytic approaches to pricing and revenue management.

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Supporting Teachers

We support the teaching of pricing and revenue management courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Teaching materials include articles, case studies, teaching notes, and problem sets that have been developed for pricing and revenue management classes.

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Real-World Data Sets

Current research includes innovative and relevant work written or co-written by researchers affilated with the Center. The Center disseminates working papers and provides a set of standardized real-world data sets for researchers.

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Upcoming Events

Executive Education Workshop:

Pricing Analytics: October 28-29, 2014

"Next Generation Online Marketplaces"

with Spencer Lazar, General Catalyst Partners

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 6:30-7:45

Hepburn Lounge

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The Center welcomed Drew Patterson, CEO, Room77, on September11, 2014

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Featured Research

Who Should Be Setting the Price: People or Data?

A recent pricing study by professors Garrett van Ryzin and Robert Phillips explores the impact on profitability of prices set by people versus data. 



Featured Material

Hotel Pricing Game

This online simulation tool allows students to set prices for hotel rooms in the peak and off-peak seasons. Instructors can choose the game settings according to teaching goals. Students gain knowledge of key pricing concepts.

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