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2013-5: Bayesian Social Learning from Consumer Reviews (B. Ifrach, C. Maglaras, M. Scarsini)

2013-4: Optimal Price and Delay Di fferentiation in Queueing Systems (C. Maglaras, J. Yao, A. Zeevi)

2013-3: Network Pricing and The Price of Anarchy (R. Phillips, A. S. Simsek)

2013-2: Revenue Maximization via Sequential Bilateral Negotiations (N. Ayvaz-Cavdaroglu, S. Kachani and C. Maglaras)

2013-1: Optimizing Prices for Consumer Credit (R. Phillips)

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2012-4: Endogeneity and Price Sensitivity in Customized Pricing (R. Phillips, A.S. Simsek, G. van Ryzin)

2012-3: On the (surprising) sufficiency of linear models for dynamic pricing with demand learning (O. Besbes and A. Zeevi)   

2012-2: Assortment Optimization under Variants of the Nested Logit Model (J. Davis, H. Topaloglu and G. Gallego)

2012-1: Multi-Product Price Optimization and Competition under the Nested Logit Model with Product-Differentiated Price Sensitivities (G. Gallego and R. Wang)

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2011-4: A General Attraction Model and an Efficient Formulation for the Network Revenue Management Problem  (G. Gallego, R. Ratliff and S. Shebalov)

2011-3: Price-Driven Adverse Selection in Consumer Lending (R. Phillips and R. Raffard)

2011-2: Coordinating Vertical Partnerships for Horizontally Differentiated Products (W. Ke and G. van Ryzin)

2011-1: Revenue Management of Consumer Options for Sporting Events (S.R. Balseiro, G. Gallego, C. Gocmen, and R. Phillips)

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2010-3: A Maximum Entropy Joint Demand Estimation and Capacity Control Policy (C. Maglaras and S. Eren)

2010-2: Service Engineering: The Future of Service Feature Design and Pricing (G. Gallego and C. Stefanescu)

2010-1: Customized Pricing (R. Phillips)

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2009-2: Estimating Primary Demand for Substitutable Products from Sales Transaction Data (G. Vulcano, G. van Ryzin, and R. Ratliff)

2009-1: Creating Sales with Stock-Outs (L. Debo and G. van Ryzin)

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