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Sustaining the Emojicon

What makes a millennial want to work for you? How do leading organizations incorporate sustainability commitments into purpose, mission and values? What changes in business or organizational cultures, structures, and work/life strategies are leading companies implementing, leading them to be named as part of the top places to work? Watch Now

2014 Social Enterprise Conference: Sustainable Cities of the Future

How are social entrepreneurs, policy makers and business leaders tackling transport, housing, energy, health and other environmental challenges? What innovative ideas in sustainable urban development are mayors and city governments around the world pursuing? This session at the 2014 Social Enterprise Conference included: Ben Hecht, President & CEO of Living Cities; Jay B. Orfield ’08, Environmental Innovation Fellow at the NRDC; Jeffrey Perlman, President & Founder of Bright Power; and Neil Suslak ’86, Managing Partner at Braemar Energy Ventures. Watch Now