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Financial Innovations in Community Reinvestment

In this session at the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference, Professor Antony Bugg-Levine, CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund and Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, moderated a panel consisting of Scott Budde, Project Director at the Sustainable Agriculture Credit Union Research Project and Founder of Better Harvest Federal Credit Union; Cathy Dolan, Chief Operating Office of the Opportunity Finance Network; Jeannine Jacokes, Senior Policy Advisor at the Community Development Bankers Association; and Daniel Nissenbaum ’88, Chief Operating Officer of the Urban Investment Group at Goldman Sachs. Watch Now

Implementing a Sustainable Supply Chain that Builds Communities

In this session at the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference, Professor Garrett Van Ryzin, Paul M. Montrone Professor of Private Enterprise, Chair of Decision, Risk, and Operations at Columbia Business School moderated a panel consisting of Kythzia Barrera, the Director of Innovando Tradicion; Anita Househam, Policy & Legal Adviser of UN Global Compact on Supply Chain Sustainability; Scott A. Vitters, General Manager, of PlantBottle Packaging at Coca-Cola; and Deji Akinyanju, the CEO of Food Concepts. Watch Now

Bridgespan Strategy Workshop

This unique, participatory session at the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference was an opportunity for Erin Sweeney, Case Team Leader at The Bridgespan Group, and Sydney Morris, Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer at Educators for Excellence to walk the audience through Bridgespan’s work with Educator’s for Excellence to improve E4E’s strategy, grow their membership, and help prepare for E4E’s future. Watch Now

The New Nonprofit

In this session at the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference, Melissa Berman, President and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and Adjunct Professor at the Columbia Business School moderated a panel consisting of Chuck Harris, Portfolio Manager and Director of Capital Aggregation, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation; Nitzan Pelman, Executive Director of Citizen Schools; and Phil Buchanan, President of the Center for Effective Philanthropy. Watch Now

Social Enterprise Conference Closing Keynote: Corporate Social Innovators

For the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference’s closing keynote, there was a discussion about social innovation featuring Joe Silbilia, CEO of, Jennifer Crozier, Vice President of Global Citizenship Initiatives at IBM, Richard Hall, Director of Global Strategic Alliances for Intel and Caroline Roan, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility & Reputation at Pfizer. Watch Now