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Complete Student Organization List


African Business Club (ABC)

The African Business Club works to advance social and economic issues related to Africa and promote an understanding of Africa at Columbia Business School. The ABC also co-hosts the African Economic Forum in the spring along with other Columbia University graduate schools. The Forum is the largest African focused event at Columbia Business School. The conference engages attendees in fruitful discussion regarding challenges and opportunities in Africa. 

Arts & Culture Club

The Columbia Arts and Culture Club introduce students to the arts and its different forms of expressions both socially and professionally. 

Asian Business Association (ABA)

ABA offers career networking, social, and mentoring resources for students at Columbia Business School who have an interest in business topics and career opportunities in Asia. The ABA also organizes a variety of professional; networking events which promotes career opportunities is Asia. The club hosts an annual study tour to Hong Kong in collaboration with the Chazen Institute of International Business. 

Australian Business Association*

The club is meant for students from Australia, or those who have an interest in Australia, to connect and build community.

Aviation & Aerospace Association (AAA)

Founded by a group of student pilots, the Aviation & Aerospace Association (AAA) is a forum for students with an interest in the aviation industry. AAA's scope includes recruiting for roles in commercial aviation, private aviation, and aerospace. The club offers site visits, occasional guest speakers, and assistance recruiting in this field.

Black Business Student Association (BBSA)

BBSA works to promote the welfare and integrity of the black student body. The club promotes professional development of black students in preparation for the challenges of the work environment. The BBSA hosts an annual conference in the fall which is the longest running conference at Columbia Business School. The conference unites business leaders, students, alumni, and corporate sponsors in transformative conversation.

Caribbean Business Association (CARIBIZ)*

The Caribbean Business Association is meant for students from the Caribbean, or who have an interest in the region, to promote awareness of Caribbean economic affairs and development.

CaseWorks Student Fellows Program

Students can participate in the Columbia CaseWorks program in their second year by applying to be a CaseWorks Student Fellow. The Fellows are selected in the spring for the coming academic year and work with CaseWorks staff and with faculty on case development. Application only.

CFA Charter Interest Club

The CFA Charter was first proposed by Professor Benjamin Graham in 1942 while he was an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School. The primary purpose of the club is to provide members with the following key resources: to provide a forum to learn about the CFA Charter and how it can help Columbia MBA students in their careers, and to support CBS students who are interested in pursuing their CFA Charter in conjunction with the MBA degree. 

Chazen Institute Study Tour Organizer

Students may plan study tours in January, March, May, or August, during the School’s breaks. Tour itineraries must include an average of two company visits per business day. Travel time and type of visit should be taken into account when planning the itinerary. 

The Chazen Institute provides logistical advice and support throughout the study tour–planning process, but students themselves organize the trip. Tour organizers are responsible for everything from booking airlines and hotels to planning the corporate visits.  Tour organizers are expected to take full ownership of the study tour and to partner with the Chazen Institute to ensure a smooth process and accountability. Study tour organizers cover their own cost of travel and expenses. For more information on the Chazen Institute and how to become a Chazen study tour organizer, please visit Application based.

Christian Business Fellowship

CBF offers a supportive community of Christian believers who wish to integrate faith and business. CBF is also inter-denominational and works in tandem with other graduate school campus ministry fellowships to provide an inclusive environment for students of all faith backgrounds and traditions.  

Club of Emerging Europe

The Club of Emerging Europe serves students interested in business opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe including the former Soviet Republics. The club also hosts interclub events and provides a social venue for students to learn from each other’s cultures. 

Cluster Q

Cluster Q is Columbia Business School's Gay-Straight Alliance. The Club strives to foster a positive environment and build a professional network for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Cluster Q hosts Ally Week annually in the fall which serves to educate the Columbia Business School Community on LGBTQ issues and supporting an inclusive environment. Cluster Q also promotes a network among students and alumni as well as students attending other top business schools including professionals in the LGBTQ community. 

Columbia Basketball Club

The Columbia Basketball Club strengthens students’ athletic spirit with consistent and competitive basketball. The club welcomes members of all skill levels, and hosts regular games, tournaments, and clinics.

Columbia Better Halves

Columbia Better Halves is Columbia Business School’s partners and spouse club which promotes social engagement and community building among its membership. The club brings students and partners/spouses together in social activities throughout the year including Better Halves Orientation which co-run and hosted with the Office of Student Affairs. Columbia Better Halves also includes children in their community and provides a supportive environment for couples and families.

Columbia Business School Canucks*

The Canucks is designed for students of Canadian background, or who have interest in Canada, to build a community for those with an affinity to the Great White North.

Columbia Dance Club

The Columbia Dance Club provides introductory dance lessons by professional instructors.

Columbia Divers Association*

Dedicated to supporting the athletic pursuits of members, the Columbia Divers Association encourages diving trips around the world, and education regarding diving in New York. 

Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)

The CEO encourages aspiring and current student entrepreneurs to explore and launch new ventures. The organization brings students together with successful entrepreneurs and innovators. Through lectures, panel discussions, and interactive workshops the club helps members gain unique insight and connections to the world of venturing. The annual business plan competition and the Lang Fund competition help students start their own businesses by providing expert feedback and start-up capital. CEO also sponsors site visits and careers treks to observe current start-ups, and supports the entrepreneur management curriculum and Lion’s Lab.

Columbia Finance Organization (CFO)

The Columbia Finance Organization (CFO) is a professional club run by Columbia Business School MBA students interested in careers in corporate finance. The mission of the club is to educate students about the opportunities and challenges that corporate finance professionals face across industries, to sponsor events that provide students the opportunity to expand their network within the field, and to assist students in obtaining internships and full-time employment.

Columbia Midwest Club

The Columbia Midwest Club is a social club that brings students together who are originally from the Midwest or who have an interest in this region. The club also focuses on seeking greater understanding as to why Columbia Business School students decide to live and work in the Midwest which helps current students network and connect to this community. 

Columbia Music Club*

The Columbia Music Club creates a shared sonic experience on campus to support new and under-appreciated talent and to connect others to the music they love.

Columbia Student Investment Management Association (CSIMA)

The Columbia Student Investment Management Association is a forum for students interested in a career in asset management to learn more about the industry and hone their recruitment skills. The club sponsors lectures and receptions and invites portfolio managers and professionals from brokerage investment and other management firms to speak to club members. The club also hosts alumni networking events, pitch competitions, weekend training courses, and the world-renowned annual CSIMA conference. 

Columbia Surf Club

The Columbia Surf Club welcomes members with all levels of experience to enjoy the surf culture through various outings, both internationally and in the New York area.

Columbia Texas Club

The Columbia Texas Club is a social club that is open to native Texans or anyone with an interest in Texas. The club hosts a variety of events including football game viewing, BBQs and other events that are reminiscent of Texas.  

Columbia Wealth Management Club

The mission of the Columbia Wealth Management Club is to educate members on careers in wealth management and private banking, and to promote opportunities in this industry. As the fastest growing career on Wall Street, private wealth management requires a passion for finance, the markets, people, and entrepreneurship. 

Columbia Women in Business (CWIB)

CWIB is the women’s network at Columbia Business School that provides resources for women to make educated and informed career decisions. The primary objectives are to establish a network between Columbia Business School students and alumnae for both professional and informal interaction, to address questions pertinent to women in business and provide various perspectives on the issues raised, and to provide a support group that allows for informal social interaction among present, past, and future members of CWIB. CWIB also hosts an annual conference in the fall.

Commodity Club (CMDTY)

CMDTY is dedicated to the development, investment, finance and trade of natural resources. As the first of its kind among top business schools, the organization seeks to promote effective communication and education about natural resources. The club provides a forum for the world's leading industry executives, investors, traders and economists to engage with the next generation of business leaders. In addition to regular speaking events, the club hosts an annual symposium each spring.

Cycling Club*

The cycling club hosts rides to promote bicycling as a safe, efficient and convenient mode of transportations. Through rides for all levels, there is an outing suited for all members.

Community Action Rewards Everyone (CARE)

CARE is the umbrella organization for all charity and volunteer efforts at Columbia Business School. Managed by the VP of community of the Graduate Business Association (student government) CARE oversees most whole-school activities and provides resources and guidance for the many community-oriented activities in which MBA students are involved.

Dean's Advisory Board

The Dean’s Advisory Board is comprised of selected second year students that meet regularly with the dean to discuss initiatives, programs, and curriculum with the School administration. Application based.

Energy Club

The Energy Club is committed to educating members about the energy industry, increasing awareness regarding career opportunities, and helping members take advantage of those opportunities. The club hosts panel discussions and speakers on topics that are shaping the future of the energy industry, and co-hosts with SIPA an annual energy conference in the fall.

Equity Research Club

The Equity Research Club serves members interested in learning about and recruiting in the industry. The club offers reviews, mentoring, industry speakers and panels, mock interviews, and other industry-related guidance information and support. For students interested in research, the club recommends that members join both the Equity Research Club and the Columbia Student Investment Management Association to best understand how the buy- and sell-sides work together.

Eureka! (Greek Club)

The mission of EUREKA! is to promote the Hellenic ideals of humanism, thought leadership, grass roots democracy, and community spirit in the context of modern business. In the holistic spirit of classical Hellenism EUREKA! is the convergence point of personal contentment, intellectual, moral, hedonic, physical, and spiritual satisfaction. 

European Society

The European Society brings together Columbia Business School students with social and cultural interests in Europe. The club seeks to serve not just as a social organization but to also provide networking opportunities for students ultimately interested in living and working in Europe after graduation. 

Family Business Club

The Family Business Club advances family business interests of students, faculty members, and affiliated individuals of Columbia Business School. The club regularly brings in local family business owners, organizes site visits to family-owned companies, and provides growth and development opportunities aimed at students who will be returning to a family business post-MBA. 

Financial Education Society*

The Financial Education Society educates, engages, and empowers the CBS community on issues relating to financial literacy. The group seeks to educate members by bringing financial education experts, academics, and advocates to campus to speak about key issues surrounding financial education. Events are designed to engage members by creating forums for research and discussions regarding various aspects relating to financial literacy. Members are encouraged to impact the Morningside Heights community by volunteering to teach basic financial concepts local community members.


An honored tradition at Columbia Business School, follies performs a variety show each semester providing students the opportunity to develop their skills in script writing, acting, singing, lighting, set design, publicity, costume and prop design, and dancing. No experience necessary for most roles, however the Follies Dance Team does require auditions. 

Football Club

While American members call the sport soccer, true fans know the sport only as Football. The club organizes regular games for members, and enjoys watching matches as a group.  

General Management Association (GMA)

The General Management Association serves members who are interested in learning about or pursuing a career in general management. The GMA sponsors industry speakers, conducts tours of various companies, publishes an annual resume book, and arranges other activities to increase member knowledge and awareness of the general management fields.

German Society

The German Society supports a community for students from German-speaking countries, or who are interested in culture pertaining to the area. 

Golf Club

The Golf Club enables students, professors, and alumni to participate in golf in by arranging events at nearby golf courses and driving ranges.

Gourmet Club

The Gourmet Club provides an environment for gastronomes and food lovers of all kinds to savor the restaurants of New York. The club regularly hosts local restaurant entrepreneurs to speak to members, organizes tastings and pairings, hosts walking tours of the city, and circulates restaurant reviews among members.  

Greater China Society (GSC)

GCS fosters a cultural and professional community for Columbia Business School students who are either from the Greater China region or have an interest in working in or getting to know about the region. GCS hosts an annual conference in the spring which is the largest student run conference on the East Coast. The conference focuses on China’s economy and business environment while providing a venue for attendees to network and learn. 

Green Business Club

The Green Business Club exists to prepare and educate students for careers in alternative energy, green branding and marketing, sustainable investing, and other careers related to sustainability. The club seeks to connect members to employers’ resources and relevant institutions in the private, for-profit public, and non-profit sectors. The GBC works to engage members and business leaders across industries on the intersection of business and sustainability. 

Government & Business Club

The Government & Business Club is a non-partisan group interested in exploring the intersection of public policy and business in the US and around the world. The club hosts guest speakers, panel discussions, political debates and more for members to discuss global changes and the political climate as it relates to business. 

Harlem Tutorial Program of Columbia

Members of the Harlem Tutorial Program tutor Harlem-area school children on the Columbia campus one or two afternoons each week. The program provides members to be role models for junior high students and participate in social and educational development.

Health Care Industry Association (HCIA)

The Health Care Industry Association (HCIA) provides opportunities for members to learn about the industry, discuss relevant health care issues, and network with other students, alumni, and leaders throughout the industry. Health care is a major component of our economy and HCIA membership provides valuable information to students interested in careers in a wide range of areas including: Pharmaceuticals, Management Consulting, Biotechnology, Private Equity / Venture Capital, Hospital Administration, Equity Research, Managed Care, and Investment Banking. In addition to regular speakers, recruiting events, and panels, the HCIA also hosts an annual conference in the fall.

Healthy Living Club

The Healthy Living Club promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle for students and aims to provide programs to manage stress, have fun, improve eating habits, and make exercise a regular part of living.

Her Majesty's Society

HMS (Her Majesty's Society) is dedicated to the celebration of British culture at Columbia Business School. Membership is free and open to all (even the French).The club organises traditional activities such as cricket matches curry nights Radio 4 listening fish and chip suppers  and Sunday roasts throughout the year. (Note the correct spelling of 'organises') God Save the Queen!

Hermes Society

The Hermes Society is composed of selected students who voluntarily serve as representatives of the Admissions Office. Members assist with information sessions on campus, welcome admitted students to the Columbia community, answer questions from prospective students about the Columbia Business School experience, and organize Columbia Connect events. Applications are accepted each semester. Application based.

Hispanic Business Association (HBA)

HBA serves the needs of Hispanics in the Columbia Business School community with strong ties to the United Stated and an interest in working in the United States post-MBA. The HBA hosts an annual summit in the fall which brings together students from top MBA schools, corporate sponsors, and alumni to engage in conversation and build a network of Hispanic business leaders.

Honor Board

The Honor Board is made up by the Honor Representatives elected by each cluster. The board is called on to serve as a component of the disciplinary hearing team when an honor infraction occurs. The Honor Code calls on all members of the School community to adhere to and uphold the notions of truth, integrity, and respect both during their time in school, and throughout their careers as productive, moral, and caring participants in their companies and communities around the world. Application based.

Hospitality & Travel Association

The Hospitality and Travel Association (HTA) is designed for members interested in pursuing or exploring careers within the travel and hospitality industry, from asset management and investment banking to real estate development and general management. The club sponsors lectures and discussion series involving key hospitality industry executives and portfolio experts. Through these events, the club provides opportunities for students to gain a better understanding of the industry and the many careers available.


I-Prep allows you to make a meaningful impact in a single lunch period by conducting mock interviews and resume reviews with welfare-to-work clients who are about to face a job interview. The club is designed to increase the likelihood of the candidate securing the job, through the interview preparation and increased professional confidence offered by the CBS member. 

Innovation & Creativity in Business Society (I+CBS)

I+CBS has the goal of building a community of business leaders focused on the power of creative problem solving and idea generation. The club seeks to inspire members through workshops, speaker series, and events, as well as support members through alumni networking and professional offerings. In addition, I+CBS host an annual Innovation Summit each spring.

International Development Club

The International Development Club (IDC) aims to explore and create opportunities for the development of emerging economies. The club fulfills this mission by: offering education about the field for the community; facilitating experience in the field for interested members; providing career services for members seeking employment in or related to the field; and fostering a network of students and alumni and professionals with common interests.

International Student Advisory Board (ISAB)

The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) is comprised of students who are elected by their clusters to serve as their international student representative. In addition to supporting international students through initiatives focused on career opportunities, community involvement, or academic achievement, ISAB organizes International Week on campus in both the fall and spring, setting up activities to celebrate the diverse cultural mix of students at Columbia. Application based.

Investment Banking Club (IBC)

The Investment Banking Club (IBC) provides students with the opportunity to learn about investment banking and recruit in the industry. Club members receive assistance in meeting industry recruiters, connecting with alumni, interview preparation, and subsidized modeling training.  

Investments from Student Interaction with Technology and Entrepreneurs (InSITE)*

InSITE is an organization of selected students form Columbia and NYU business and law schools which provides guidance and mentorship to select early-stage technology companies on developing their business plans, building their management teams, and raising capital.

Israel Business Association

The Israel Business Association is a supportive environment of Israeli students or students interested in Israeli culture. 

Italian Club

The Italian Club provides opportunities for students who share an interest in Italy, its economy, its culture, or its language to network. The Italian Club also serves to increase Italy’s awareness in the Columbia Business School community. The club is also interested in promoting networking opportunities with Italian alumni or those currently living and working in Italy. This includes facilitating professional relationships and friendships as part of the larger business school environment as a part of NOVA, the Italian MBA Association. 

Japan Business Association (JBA)

JBA establishes mutually-beneficial friendship between Japanese students and non-Japanese students at Columbia Business School. The club’s purpose is to initiate discussion and friendships among Japanese students and non-Japanese students at Columbia Business School as well as to provide support in professional activities and careers. The JBA collaborates with the Chazen Institute of International Business regarding the annual Japan Study Tour. 

Jewish Business Students Association (JBSA)

JBSA works to build a strong network of future Jewish business leaders and provides the support and professional development opportunities to club members. The JBSA works to provide opportunities to support Jewish culture and traditions among membership. Some of these events include Shabbat dinners, breakfasts, holiday activities, and trips to Israel.

Korean Business Association (KBA)

KBA is a professional and social club for students interested in Korea’s culture, politics, and economy. Events supported by the KBA include alumni receptions, mentoring, career development, workshops, community service events, and social activities to provide an inclusive environment for the Columbia Business School community. 


Founded in the spring semester of 2012 by students, Columbia Business School’s LEAD is a new club focused on equipping CBS students with the knowledge, skills and network to effectively drive change, growth and sustained optimal performance in themselves, their organizations and their broader communities. The club plays a critical role in CBS’s mission to bridge theory and practice, offering programming and interactive workshops that allow members to practice vital soft skills and leadership theories learned from top Leadership and Management courses and faculty at CBS in a non-risk environment. Learn more about the club and our workshops in personal leadership, group/organizational leadership, and career events for those interested in human capital management and organizational transformation by visiting

Latin America Business Association (LABA)

LABA fosters a community among students who either originally from Latin America or interested in the region.  The club also provides networking and professional opportunities for students who have worked in Latin America or plan to work there upon the completion of their MBA. LABA hosts a yearly conference in the spring which brings together attendees to discuss important economic and business issues occurring in Latin America. 

Le French Club

Le French Club is a community for French-speaking students interested in networking with those of the other top five United States business schools. 

Management Consulting Association (MCA)

The Management Consulting Association (MCA) provides members who have a career interest in management consulting with the educational and professional tools necessary to be competitive in the industry. MCA offers interview prep, case practice, recruiting opportunities, and more to members.

Marketing Association of Columbia (MAC)

The mission of the Marketing Association of Columbia (MAC) is to provide members with resources to pursue a career in marketing. These resources include mentoring programs, interview workshops, the MAC resume book, and a marketing interview guide. MAC also strives to provide networking opportunities and exposure to marketing professionals and alumni through lunches, panel discussions, evening networking evens, and the annual conference. 

Media Management Association (MMA)

The Media Management Association (MMA) is dedicated to establishing Columbia Business School as the premier school for media managers. The MMA provides networking opportunities and a learning environment for members by coordinating media-related resources with other schools of the University and by sponsoring tours, guest speakers, and panel discussions. In addition, the MMA co-hosts an annual conference, held in the spring.

Micro-Brew Society

The MBS provides an environment for students interested in beer tasting, brewing, and learning more about the vast business of beer. The MBS hosts regular micro-brew tastings, supports alumni in the industry, and occasionally co-hosts Thursday night happy hour.

Military in Business Association (MIBA)

MIBA leverages the capabilities and experiences of current and former members of the military to excel in the recruitment environment and professional workplace. Through camaraderie, mutual support, and formal and informal events, the club seeks to facilitate and enhance the careers, friendships, and long-term success of everyone with a connection to the military community.

Muslim Business Students Association*

The Muslim Business Students Association promotes an environment to foster meaningful interaction between the student community and Muslim students. MBSA envisions activities and events with Columbia's other graduate schools to include social and educational events, community outreach efforts, networking opportunities, and religious get-togethers.

Nonprofit Board Leadership Program

Each year, approximately 30 MBA students and alumni participate in this program. Students are selected through a rigorous application process and matched with an alumnus based on experience and interest. Past project topics have included: Community Development, Education, Public Radio, Young Women, and Healthcare. Application based.

Outdoor Adventure Club*

The purpose of the Outdoor Adventure Club is to organize multi-activity sports and outdoor pursuits for participation by members in order to develop individual leadership skills, foster team-building dynamics, and encourage members to maintain active and healthy lifestyles.


The PAWS supports members who are pet owners by offering animal lovers an outlet to play with other people's pets, and find pet-sitters among their peers.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are students, selected through an application and interview process, who guide new students through the first-year transition to business school. Peer Advisors are actively involved in both fall and spring orientation and, as part of the Program on Social Intelligence, coach and advise first year-study groups through the first year. Peer Advisors go through extensive leadership training and work closely with faculty, departments, and the Office of Student Affairs as liaisons with the first-year class. Applicaton based.

Photography Club*

The Photography Club provides an informal community for photography hobbyists and enthusiasts to come together and learn from each other.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Club (PE/VC)

The Private Equity & Venture Capital Club's mission is to provide opportunities for our members to learn about the industry, network with industry professionals, enhance their career opportunities in the field, and meet fellow students who share similar interests. The club hosts regular guest speakers, panel events, case competitions, and networking opportunities. In addition, the club hosts an annual conference each spring which draws more than 700 professionals each year. 

Public Speaking Association

The Public Speaking Association provides a platform for students to develop their public speaking and business presentation skills in a fun, non-threatening environment.

Real Estate Association (REA)

The Real Estate Association (REA) strives to provide members with the tools, contacts, and knowledge that will allow them to move to the forefront of the real estate industry. In addition to addressing such traditional real estate industry topics such as financing and development, the REA also focuses on cutting-edge topics in real estate including investment banking and securitization, international investing, and real estate technology. 

Retail & Luxury Goods Club (RLG)

The Retail and Luxury Goods Club serves two purposes: First, to educate students about the retail and luxury goods industries through guest speakers, faculty panels, industry tours, and our alumni reception; and second, to help students find summer or full-time employment within the retail and luxury goods industries by sending member resumes of to various companies within the industry. The club covers a wide range of retail practices that include apparel retail, non-apparel retail, design houses that supply retail stores, and retail consulting firms. In addition, the RLG hosts an annual conference each spring. 

Rugby Football Club

The Columbia Business School Rugby Football Club (CBS RFC) is comprised of roughly 60 first and second year members. Practices are held twice a week, and the team plays matches and tournaments throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, including the MBA Rugby World Cup. The club is open to players of all experience levels (only 10% of members have played rugby prior to CBS) and has a strong social aspect. We host weekly happy hours for the entire student body on Wednesdays and there’s always a “third half” after matches.

Running Club*

The Running Club promotes health and fitness for all students and organizes regular runs of various lengths for members. No prior experience necessary.

Sailing Club

The Sailing Club plans a number of sailing-related activities during the academic year, including lessons day trips in New York harbor and Long Island Sound, weekend racing, and an annual sailboat charter trip in the Caribbean. No prior experience necessary.

Sales & Trading Club

The Sales and Trading Club strives to educate members on the industry and provide recruitment opportunities in the field.  The club hosts regular speakers, alumni panels, social events, and an annual trip to the NYSE. In addition, the club provides a mentorship program that connects current members with recent alumni in the industry.

Silfen Leadership Series

The David and Lyn Silfen Leadership Series is a unique collaboration between students, faculty members, and distinguished business leaders from around the world. The series provides a forum that fosters the exchange of experience and ideas among the most influential people in business today - and those poised to lead tomorrow.

Sharing their entrepreneurial sensibilities, management techniques, leadership styles, and wisdom, Silfen Leadership Series speakers continue to engage the entire Columbia Business School community. MBA students can apply for a position on the Silfen Board in the spring for the coming academic year. Application based.

Small Business Consulting Program (SBCP)

The Small Business Consulting Program (SBCP) offers members the opportunity to complement their studies with the practical application of business skills and tools, while contributing to the local business community. SBCP members work with entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and other businesses to provide pro-bono consulting services in a broad range of areas including accounting, finance, marketing, organizational development, operations, and strategy. 

Snow Sports Club

The Snow Sports Club fosters an appreciation and enjoyment of various snow sports at Columbia Business School and facilitates an annual ski trip. No prior experience necessary.

Social Enterprise Club (SEC)

The Social Enterprise Club highlights opportunities for business students to professionally pursue enterprises - be they private or public - that seek social benefits as the primary goal. The spectrum of such enterprises is vast: entrepreneurial endeavors, nongovernmental organizations, philanthropic or socially responsible initiatives within larger corporations, etc. However, the common thread uniting these organizations is the desire to reap public dividends. The club facilitates guest lectures, panel discussions, special events, and the integration of issues of corporate social responsibility into the curriculum. In addition, the club hosts an annual conference each fall in partnership with the Social Enterprise Program.

South Asia Business Association (SABA)

SABA offers a forum to encourage cultural and economic interest in South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. SABA also hosts the annual India Business Conference in the spring which brings together business leaders, students, corporate sponsors, and alumni in conversation regarding India’s business climate.

Southeast Asian Business Association (SEABA)

The Southeast Asian Business Association (SEABA) is a community dedicated to teaching about the culture, business, and countries of Southeast Asia including Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, East Timor and Papua New Guinea through various cultural social and networking events.

Southeast Club of Columbia*

The Southeast Club of Columbia is provides a platform for social and professional interaction among students with connections to the Southeastern United States. 

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is a community for all students interested in the Spanish culture, language, or in professional opportunities in Spain. The club also promotes friendship development among Spanish and Non-Spanish students as well as the larger Spanish alumni community and other international networks around the world. 

Sports Business Association

The Sports Business Association seeks to foster interest in the business of amateur and professional sports by providing a forum for the study and discussion of various aspects of the sports industry. Regular topics include sports finance, sports management (team and league), and other matters related to the operations of sports businesses. 

Squash Club

The Squash Club organizes squash ladder holds tournaments, conducts clinics, and host squash round-robin sessions. No prior experience necessary.

Student Government 

The Student Government is the governing board of the student body. The Student Government council seeks to actively enrich and broaden the student experience. Interacting with students, administration, faculty, and the external community, the Student Government promotes an environment of energetic and engaged students who are proud to be lifetime members of the greater community. Application based.

Student Government Executive Committee

The Student Government Executive Committee includes elected second-year students and represents the student body in conversations with the administration and faculty on a variety of issues. The Executive Committee works closely with the Office of Student Affairs, The Career Management Center, and the Dean's Office to promote student issues and initiatives. The Committee also assists with monitoring registered student organizations, coordinating a variety of social events and appointing representatives to standing committees. Application based.

Student Leadership & Ethics Board of the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center

The Bernstein Center welcomes applications from MBA students interested in serving on the Student Leadership & Ethics Board. This Board helps shape Columbia Business School’s initiatives in leadership and ethics. Board members work with faculty, staff, alumni and other students to develop, support, organize and market extra-curricular activities under the auspices of the Bernstein Center. Activities include events to host high-profile speakers and experiential learning events that address topics including: Individual Leadership and Personal Integrity; Corporate Governance; and Corporate Social Responsibility. Application based.  

Technology Business Group (TBG)

The Technology Business Group (TBG) provides a social and professional community for members interested in making a difference in all business aspects of technology. Club activities include guest speakers, panels, and alumni networking events, and more to highlight how technology has and will continue to change the way the world does business and facilitate recruitment for members. 

Telecom Club

The CBS Telecom Club (WIRE) is one of a few clubs of its kind among the top MBA programs in the world. The club is designed to foster the integration among telecom related professionals, companies, and members interested in the industry. The club addresses telecom from a holistic point of view, interacting not only with traditional market players (carriers device manufacturers infrastructure), but also with other stakeholders such as investment institutions, service providers, and developers. 

Tennis Club

The Tennis Club connects student interested in playing tennis and provides the court time on routinely predetermined dates. No prior experience necessary. 

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is the biweekly student newspaper, the “voice” of Columbia Business School. Cluster Reporters are responsible for writing at least three informative, thought-provoking and insightful articles inspired by cluster member experiences per semester. Reporters are also responsible for submitting cluster photos for possible inclusion in every Bottom Line issue. Application based. 

University Senate

The University Senate regulates inter-faculty affairs and considers issues of University-wide concern. The student body elects two senators who act as the official representatives for all Business School students; they report to the GBA Council on University Senate proceedings at least once each semester. Senators are elected at the beginning of the fall term. The second-year senator serves as a member of the GBA Executive Committee. Application based.

Urban Arts Club

The Urban Arts Club provides students with the opportunity to learn and share their interests in all urban art forms, particularly music and dance. 

Volleyball Club

The Volleyball Club provides an outlet for camaraderie and an opportunity to play the sport with peers. No prior experience necessary.

West Coast Society

The West Coast Society fosters a community for students from the west coast and students interested in working in the west coast to develop a personal and professional network while they are at Columbia Business School.

Wine Society

The Wine Society is an association for students who are interested in viniculture oenology and wine in general. Wine tastings are held every two to three weeks in the late afternoons. Wine experts from around the country and the world come to Columbia Business School to discuss wines from different regions.

Women’s Touch Rugby

WRFC encourages members of various fitness levels to enjoy the sport of rugby, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and increase their physical fitness. The club hosts regular practice days, travels to compete with other MBA schools in rugby tournaments, and co-hosts a weekly informal happy hour. 

World Tour Club

The World Tour Club serves to promote the Pre-MBA World Tour to incoming students. Visit Website

Young Arab Leaders Association (YALA)

YALA promotes Arab heritage and culture within the Columbia Business School Community and increases awareness about CBS in the MENA region. YALA also provides a venue for students to build relationships with other individuals with an interest in the Middle East. Promoting many activities, YAL hosts social events, educational trips, networking activities, and career support. 



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At the Very Center of Business

See how Columbia Business School puts you at the very center of business, where chances for success revolve all around.

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Since 1916, Columbia Business School has lived at the heart of the business world, New York City, building symbiotic relationships with leading innovators and global trendsetters and offering students exposure to the very pulse of industry.

Today, we continue to enjoy daily insights from the influential figures driving current practices. Our renowned faculty members are leaders in their fields, producing groundbreaking research across areas, and our worldwide alumni network continues to grow and impact change. At the Business School today, we’re celebrating our place at the very center of it all.

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Surf the Social Stream

Follow the School's social conversation on our Connect Online page, which puts #CBSAtTheCenter of social media.

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The strength of our School lies in our community, and the community connects online. Our Connect Online page makes it easy to see what the community says about what puts #CBSAtTheCenter of so many lives.

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The Core: Experience the Impact of Knowledge

The Columbia Core Curriculum imparts unparalleled perspectives that inspire and challenge, and connect the dots to success.

More about the Core

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The Columbia Core Curriculum is informed by thought leadership from the world’s leading-edge business environment. Our faculty's groundbreaking research influences business practices in every sector while our curriculum develops leaders who can create opportunity in any situation.

In an MBA program at the very center of business, you’ll learn to respond dynamically to any challenge. You'll gain the skills you need to succeed in a fast-moving, competitive business environment and see how to create opportunities where they once seemed impossible. At Columbia, at the heart of New York City, you’ll learn it all from the most influential figures in industry today.

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At Columbia Business School, we believe that diversity strengthens any community or business model and brings it greater success.

Learn more about how diversity is simply a part of who we are.


The following is a partial list of services available to our current students. See all.

Notes to the Next Class

Discover and share your tips on making the most of Columbia Business School.

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The Curl Ideas to wrap your mind around

Sowing Startup Success

Owen Davis ’08, managing partner of NYC Seed, doesn't believe people are born with a startup gene. "Anyone can launch," Davis says. "There’s a process that will minimize the silly mistakes new entrepreneurs make.”

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A Storyteller Goes Back to School

Amanda Kinsey ’12 has produced a film about Columbia University's storied past.

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New! The Best of Chazen Global Insights on Asia

A new publication collects the most popular thought leadership on Asia from Columbia Business School.

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Binu Nair Named Dean's Chief of Staff

Binu Nair has been named Chief of Staff of the Dean’s Office of Columbia Business School, effective September 8.

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How Can You Be Entrepreneurial in Any Organization?

Vince Ponzo '03 demystifies the entrepreneurial mindset.

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Joseph Stiglitz Responds to Thomas Piketty

Columbia University's resident Nobel laureate weigh in on Thomas Piketty's influential — and controversial — book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”

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Organic vs. Paid Advertising? Inside the Mind of An Online Browser

New research by Columbia Business School offers rare insights into what consumers are thinking when they land on the search engine results page

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Columbia Business School’s Incoming Class Beats the Heat and ALS by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge Together

Incoming Columbia Business School students joined thousands of people around the country in taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and engaging in a friendly rivalry with other top business schools.

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Fragile by Design

In his new book, Professor Charles Calomiris shows how unlikely political coalitions have contributed to banking crises in some countries, and helped create stability in others.

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Top Ten Questions Asked

Here are the most frequently asked questions by current students.

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Information on courses and all bidding-related information (including statistics) can be found on BOSS (Business Online Selection System). To see important dates for the Business School, navigate to the MBA Academic Calendar tab in BOSS.

More information regarding independent studies can be found on the Indepedent Study webpage , and you can pick up the required form, as well as additional information, in Uris 105. Students may register for up to 3 credits of independent study per term (the study can be either 1.5 or 3 credits). Independent studies are designed to be independent of the classroom experience and may not be used as a means of adding a seat to a full course.

More information can be found on the Cross-Registration webpage. MBA students may count up to six credits of graduate-level coursework at other schools within the University toward the MBA degree. Graduate-level courses are denoted by a number of 4000 or higher. Undergraduate courses may be taken as long as they are in addition to the 60 credits of graduate-level course work required for the MBA degree. Although the credits from an undergraduate course will not count toward the MBA degree, the grade earned in an undergraduate course will be included in calculating student GPA.

Membership on the dean's list is awarded at the end of the first term to students who achieve a 9.0 weighted GPA. In subsequent terms, membership is awarded to all students who achieve a 9.25 weighted term GPA.

First, meet with a club advisor in OSA, who will connect you with the Student Government’s VP of clubs and careers. You’ll be required to fill out an application form, collect signatures from potential club members, plan out your first year’s budget, and make a presentation to the Student Government’s club committee.

Many local vendors accept a voucher in lieu of cash payment. You can pick up the voucher from Financial Planning in Uris 216. Vouchers are essentially blank checks that you give to the delivery person upon arrival and can include a tip. Vendors send the voucher is sent back to Financial Planning as an invoice and the funds are debited from your club account.

Only students pursuing an MBA degree can join Business School clubs. Business School students seeking MS and PhD degrees are not eligible.

All loan funds - federal or private - are sent to the University's Student Financial Services (SFS) office electronically via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Once the SFS office is in receipt of the funds, they place the amount(s) onto your tuition bill as a "credit" to your account. You do not need to pick up any physical checks. Any loan amounts above tuition and fees will be refunded to you. Direct deposit helps to expedite the refund process.

Refunds are issued within 7–10 days of funds arriving at the University. Assuming your loans are in place for the earliest federally allowable date, your refunds should reach you within a week following the first day of classes. For the fastest refund processing, please sign up for direct deposit on

Students who face higher costs due to extenuating circumstances may request a budget increase by submitting a formal appeal along with appropriate documentation. If approved, the budget increase allows students to borrow additional loan funds, subject to lender or Department of Education approval. Appeals are not an entitlement and can be turned down by the Appeals Committee. Learn more about appeals and download the appeal form.

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