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The Caribbean Business Association (CARIBIZ) is an social organization that welcomes all business school students who have an interest in Caribbean economic affairs and development.

Columbia Business School Master of Science

Columbia Business School Canucks

Columbia Business School Canadian Club: A club for Canadians and those with an affinity to the Great White North Tim Horton's donuts Coffee Crisp Hockey Night in Canada and all around friendly people.

Columbia Divers Association

Columbia Music Club

The Columbia Music Club exists to create a shared sonic experience on campus to support new and under-appreciated talent and to connect others to the music they love.

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Cycling Club

HMS (Her Majesty's Society)

HMS (Her Majesty's Society) is dedicated to the celebration of British culture at Columbia Business School. Membership is free and open to all (even the French).The club organises traditional activities such as cricket matches curry nights Radio 4 listening fish and chip suppers  and Sunday roasts throughout the year. (Note the correct spelling of 'organises') God Save the Queen!


InSITE (Investments from Student Interaction with Technology and Entrepreneurs) is an organization of selected students form Columbia and NYU business and law schools. An application is required for participation in this organization. Students provide guidance and mentorship to select early-stage technology companies on developing their business plans building their management teams and raising capital.

Muslim Business Students Association

The Muslim Business Students Association aims to promote an environment at Columbia Business School that creates a level of comfort for Muslim students while fostering meaningful interaction between the CBS community and Muslim students. To this end the MBSA envisions activities and events with Columbia's other graduate schools and other relevant organizations. These activities shall generally include social and educational events community outreach efforts; networking opportunities and religious get-togethers.

Outdoor Adventure Club

The purpose of the club is to organize multiactivity sports and outdoor pursuits for participation by Columbia Business School students in order to develop our individual leadership skills foster our team-building dynamics and encourage us to maintain active and healthy lifestyles.


The PAWS Club is a group dedicated to improving the lives of CBS pet owners and their pets and offering animal lovers an outlet to play with other people's pets when you do not have the ability or desire to own a pet yourself. Along with events we hope to use our collective resources to put together a list of the best pet vendors and service-providers and pet friendly retailers in the city as well as offer PAWS community pet sitting connections for those fun weekends away to avoid leaving your beloved family member in a cage somewhere. For dog owners and lovers winter events will include get togethers at homes combined with ventures to nearby dog parks. Spring and fall events will include happy hours at pet friendly restaurants and bars. We hope you and your pet (if you have one) will join us!

Photography Club

An informal community for photography hobbyists and enthusiasts to come together learn from each other and work with each other.

Running Club

"Training for a race? Looking for the perfect running partner? Or just trying to stay fit and lose your business school ""first year 15""? If you answered yes to any of the above the CBS Running Club is the right club for you! The mission of the CBS Running Club is to promote health and fitness for all Columbia Business School students. We aim to help members reach their personal and training goals through weekly group runs racing groups and support as well as running education and resources. Runners at all levels are welcome! Happy Running! Andrew Yarbrough and Jodie Wang Co-Presidents"

Southeast Club of Columbia

The Southeast Club of Columbia was founded to provide a platform for social and professional interaction among CBS students with connections to the Southeastern United States. The membership consists chiefly of students with prior living or professional experience in this region but is open to anyone that is interested in contributing. We encourage those who are considering the Southeast region as a future home or who would like to learn more about the region's culture to join. Leadership opportunities are available and the club fosters an entrepreneurial spirit of members driving the club's direction.

The Australia Association

We believe in the acute importance of connecting individuals that have a common bond. At AusBA we will unite CBS affiliates that identify with the Australian culture. By developing and maintaining a globally accessible infrastructure we will present opportunities for members to make and sustain fruitful relationships. Through a fundamental belief in the value of the Australian perspective we will continually strive to elevate the significance of the Australian name within the global CBS community. Our goal is simple: ensure the CBS experience transcends the boundaries of time and geography to create a lifetime of value for our members.

Urban Arts Club

The Urban Arts Club (sometimes referred to as the Hip-Hop Club) provides students the opportunity to learn and share their interests in all urban art forms. There are NO DUES and all sessions are OPTIONAL. The club's activities are split in two categories: music and dance.

World Tour Club

The World Tour Club serves to promote the Pre-MBA World Tour to incoming students.


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At the Very Center of Business

See how Columbia Business School puts you at the very center of business, where chances for success revolve all around.

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Since 1916, Columbia Business School has lived at the heart of the business world, New York City, building symbiotic relationships with leading innovators and global trendsetters and offering students exposure to the very pulse of industry.

Today, we continue to enjoy daily insights from the influential figures driving current practices. Our renowned faculty members are leaders in their fields, producing groundbreaking research across areas, and our worldwide alumni network continues to grow and impact change. At the Business School today, we’re celebrating our place at the very center of it all.

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Follow the School's social conversation on our Connect Online page, which puts #CBSAtTheCenter of social media.

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The strength of our School lies in our community, and the community connects online. Our Connect Online page makes it easy to see what the community says about what puts #CBSAtTheCenter of so many lives.

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The Core: Experience the Impact of Knowledge

The Columbia Core Curriculum imparts unparalleled perspectives that inspire and challenge, and connect the dots to success.

More about the Core

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The Columbia Core Curriculum is informed by thought leadership from the world’s leading-edge business environment. Our faculty's groundbreaking research influences business practices in every sector while our curriculum develops leaders who can create opportunity in any situation.

In an MBA program at the very center of business, you’ll learn to respond dynamically to any challenge. You'll gain the skills you need to succeed in a fast-moving, competitive business environment and see how to create opportunities where they once seemed impossible. At Columbia, at the heart of New York City, you’ll learn it all from the most influential figures in industry today.

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At Columbia Business School, we believe that diversity strengthens any community or business model and brings it greater success.

Learn more about how diversity is simply a part of who we are.


The following is a partial list of services available to our current students.

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How Not to Issue an Ebola Quarantine

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Printing Money, But Not Pumping It into the Economy

A new look at the money multiplier sheds light on bank behavior in the wake of the recession.

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Top Ten Questions Asked

Here are the most frequently asked questions by current students.

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Information on courses and all bidding-related information (including statistics) can be found on BOSS (Business Online Selection System). To see important dates for the Business School, navigate to the MBA Academic Calendar tab in BOSS.

More information regarding independent studies can be found on the Indepedent Study webpage , and you can pick up the required form, as well as additional information, in Uris 105. Students may register for up to 3 credits of independent study per term (the study can be either 1.5 or 3 credits). Independent studies are designed to be independent of the classroom experience and may not be used as a means of adding a seat to a full course.

More information can be found on the Cross-Registration webpage. MBA students may count up to six credits of graduate-level coursework at other schools within the University toward the MBA degree. Graduate-level courses are denoted by a number of 4000 or higher. Undergraduate courses may be taken as long as they are in addition to the 60 credits of graduate-level course work required for the MBA degree. Although the credits from an undergraduate course will not count toward the MBA degree, the grade earned in an undergraduate course will be included in calculating student GPA.

Membership on the dean's list is awarded at the end of the first term to students who achieve a 9.0 weighted GPA. In subsequent terms, membership is awarded to all students who achieve a 9.25 weighted term GPA.

First, meet with a club advisor in OSA, who will connect you with the Student Government’s VP of clubs and careers. You’ll be required to fill out an application form, collect signatures from potential club members, plan out your first year’s budget, and make a presentation to the Student Government’s club committee.

Many local vendors accept a voucher in lieu of cash payment. You can pick up the voucher from Financial Planning in Uris 216. Vouchers are essentially blank checks that you give to the delivery person upon arrival and can include a tip. Vendors send the voucher is sent back to Financial Planning as an invoice and the funds are debited from your club account.

Only students pursuing an MBA degree can join Business School clubs. Business School students seeking MS and PhD degrees are not eligible.

All loan funds - federal or private - are sent to the University's Student Financial Services (SFS) office electronically via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Once the SFS office is in receipt of the funds, they place the amount(s) onto your tuition bill as a "credit" to your account. You do not need to pick up any physical checks. Any loan amounts above tuition and fees will be refunded to you. Direct deposit helps to expedite the refund process.

Refunds are issued within 7–10 days of funds arriving at the University. Assuming your loans are in place for the earliest federally allowable date, your refunds should reach you within a week following the first day of classes. For the fastest refund processing, please sign up for direct deposit on

Students who face higher costs due to extenuating circumstances may request a budget increase by submitting a formal appeal along with appropriate documentation. If approved, the budget increase allows students to borrow additional loan funds, subject to lender or Department of Education approval. Appeals are not an entitlement and can be turned down by the Appeals Committee. Learn more about appeals and download the appeal form.

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