Loyola-Chicago conference finds a 'perfect storm' of mental barriers to climate action

Decision Science News  | March 31, 2015

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Opinion: We're leaving too many energy dollars behind us, on the ground

Decision Science News  | July 10, 2014

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Republican's Tax Allergy

Decision Science News  | November 09, 2010

Professors Eric Johnson and Elke Weber's research on the impact of labels triggering cognitive and emotional processes underlying decision making was mentioned in Crain's Insider.

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Adding Punch to Influence Public Opinion

Decision Science News  | July 25, 2010

THE Harmony Institute wants to change your mind ?? at the movies. In the last few weeks, a little-noticed nonprofit with big ideas about the persuasive power of movies and television shows quietly began an initiative aimed at getting filmmakers and others to use the insights and techniques of behavioral psychology in delivering social and political messages through their work.

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Eric Johnson Featured in March 11 CBS Public Offering

Decision Science News  | March 11, 2010

Center for Decision Sciences co-founder Professor Eric Johnson was recently featured in a CBS Public Offering article discussing how Google Buzz's rushed launch woes could have been avoided.

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