Leadership gifts are critical to the success of Columbia Business School. The talented faculty, promising students, groundbreaking research, engaging programming, and creative ideas that make the School such an illustrious institution rely on the generosity of leadership donors.

By establishing faculty chairs, leadership donors attract experts who enrich the classroom and inspire the community. By creating financial aid endowments, they enable students to build on the legacy of alumni and shape the future of business. By supporting new facilities on the Manhattanville Campus, they provide space and resources for the School to educate, innovate, and grow. And by pledging lead support to the Columbia Business Fund and EMBA Fund, they enable the School to launch or expand vital programs. Together, these extraordinary donors secure Columbia Business School’s position at the forefront of graduate management education.

Columbia Business School has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the lists that follow. If you have a question about your listing or would like more information on how you can contribute, please contact Barbara Clapp at bc102@columbia.edu or 212-851-4301.