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September 25, 2012

The Fall Term Entrepreneurial Sounding Board is Now Available

The Fall Term Entrepreneurial Sounding Board is Now Available

The Entrepreneurial Sounding Board, one of The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center’s most popular programs, offers students and alumni the chance to discuss their ventures one-on-one with faculty members and practitioners affiliated with the Entrepreneurship Program at Columbia Business School. These sessions provide students and alumni with feedback, next-step action items and, in many cases, contacts who can provide additional support. Often, a Sounding Board session is the first step in the development of a business plan that eventually will be submitted to the Lang Fund.

Faculty members and practitioners have donated over 65 hours last semester alone to Sounding Board sessions. “It’s really a lot of fun,” says Professor Murray Low, executive director of the Lang Center for Entrepreneurship. “It’s a completely different dynamic in the Sounding Board sessions: The students very often aren’t in my class — there’s no grade or evaluation involved — so it’s just a good, frank discussion about their venture.”

The Sounding Board is the brainchild of entrepreneur in residence Clifford Schorer, who notes, “An opportunity to discuss an idea in the early stages of development can be very powerful. The sessions often range from beyond the business idea, to career advice, to course selection name it — anything is fair game for discussion.”

The demand for appointments has become so great that the Lang Center has expanded the program to include the summer term, making it a year-round resource. Says Schorer, “There is so much entrepreneurial energy in our student body and alumni — this is one more way for us to help our community along their entrepreneurial career path.”

Sounding Board sessions this semester began on September 17, 2012. Sign up for a session today.

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