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August 8, 2012

Dean Hubbard Visits Columbia Business Lab Entrepreneurs

Dean Hubbard Visits Columbia Business Lab Entrepreneurs

On the afternoon of August 7, Dean Glenn Hubbard visited the Columbia Business Lab to spend time with the entrepreneurs and learn more about the companies they are working on.

As Dean Hubbard met with each entrepreneur, he heard first-hand what the co-working space means to them. Daniel Merns '12 echoed what many working at CBL feel. “Having this space is incredible,” said Merns. “To me this space means I don’t have to worry about skimping on important expenses at this critical stage in my business development and instead can spend more time thinking about critical business issues.”

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Professor Clifford Schorer, was also present to show the CBLers support. “The reality is that entrepreneurship is what drives our economy in the country and the world,” said Professor Schorer. “It’s new ideas, it’s individuals coming together to share their skills, to build things which employ people, which generate revenue, which drive what makes for a better life in the world.”

 “The best reason to go to a great business school is to learn to think like an entrepreneur,” said Dean Hubbard. “Entrepreneurship is part of Columbia’s DNA, and CBL aids by providing space to tackle the business of an entrepreneur’s choice, and even more important, it provides a network and access to Columbia faculty and alumni. I am very proud of the Columbia Business Lab.”  “We are committed to this mission,” added Professor Schorer, “and we are doing so in this environment, supporting concepts to reality.”

The Columbia Business Lab, situated in the SOHO neighborhood in New York City, is designed to support Columbia Business School entrepreneurs upon graduation. The effort will provide a broad-spectrum of resources, including office space provided by WorkSpace at Edison Properties, to access to the Columbia Business School network. In the coming year the CBL leadership team will work with the Lang Center to offer members training sessions and networking events for the Columbia and NYC entrepreneurial community.

To learn more about the Columbia Business Lab and its upcoming programs, visit

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Columbia University Commencement


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