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January 9, 2014

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jenna Cao '15

Student Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jenna Cao '15

What is possible when utilitarian and industrial materials are re-interpreted through a luxury framework? Jenna Cao '15 (pictured) talks about her business, CHIYOME.

What is unique about CHIYOME?
Through the mission of establishing a new standard by designing singular products through conscientious means, CHIYOME design studio is committed to minimalism, craftsmanship, and experimentation.

How did you come up with the name?
CHIYOME has firm aesthetic roots in the maternal Japanese ancestry of its designer, Anna Lynett Moss, who founded the studio in 2012. The name belonged to her great-grandmother and is the first of three generations of CHI names in her family: Chiyome, Chiyeko, Chiyo.

Which resources at CBS / NY  have been most helpful to you?

Greatly appreciate the Lions Lab peer support, Executives in Residence, Columbia Business School faculty, and Entrepreneurship at Columbia.
How can the community help you now?

I would appreciate the community staying engaged about our new collections via our social media channels. Love to receive  more feedback as well as share personal anecdotes about what they look for in a bag. Please check out our website at!Thanks for your support! chiyome_ny” #_chiyome

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